For General Public

I have some broken things at home which I would like to repair. What should I do?
Bring your broken items to our free public Repair Kopitiam event, where our skilled Repair Coaches will guide you on how to diagnose and fix the problem.

Oh? Is it a free event? So you can repair for me for free?
No, no, no. We will TEACH you on how to repair it.

When and where is the Repair Kopitiam public event?
Our Repair Kopitiam public event happens every last Sunday of the month*.
East side: Block 897A, Tampines Street 81
West side: Block 444, Jurong West Ave 1
Time: 10am – 3pm (last registration at 2pm)

*If the last Sunday of the month falls on a public holiday, Repair Kopitiam event will be brought forward to the week before.

How long does it take to repair my stuff?
It depends on the complexity of the problem.
1 item can take up to 2 hours

How many items can I bring to Repair Kopitiam?
You can only repair a maximum of 2 items. Let’s give others a chance to repair as well.

Maybe you can teach them too after you have already understood how to fix your stuff.

Can you repair my broken heart?
Sadly no. ._.
But we CAN do electrical repair, fabric repair, home improvement / mechanical repair.

Eg. toasters, iron, fan, rice cooker, kettle, torn clothes,  zippers, structure strengthening, broken handles. Just to name a few. However, we do not have replacement parts. It’s best to come prepared with one.

What about TV, monitor and computer?
Unfortunately, we are unable to repair TV, monitor, computer, laptop, handphone, shoes and bicycle. There are a lot of safety risk when repairing TV as it is a complex electrical appliance. Especially TVs with Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT).
As for the others, we do not want to take away the jobs of existing repair business available in the market.

Do you guarantee that you can fix my item?
As this is a free service, we do not guarantee that we can fix your item entirely. Our repair coaches are just volunteers who will do their best to solve the problem up to their capability.