Repair Kopitiam – House Rules

  1. Repair Kopitiam is organized by Sustainable Living Lab Pte Ltd, a social enterprise, as a community initiative to tackle the buy & throw away culture in Singapore.
  1. The intention of Repair Kopitiam is to provide a platform for you to repair your own items with the advice & support of Repair Coaches (RC) where necessary.
  1. If you are bringing in an item for repair, you are doing so at your own risk.
  1. Neither the organizers of the Repair Kopitiam nor the RCs are liable for any loss that may result from advice or instructions concerning repairs, for the loss of items handed over for repair, for consequential loss or for any other kind of loss resulting from work performed in the Repair Kopitiam. They will also not be liable for any injury that may result from repair works.
  1. Our RCs are volunteers and offer their services free of charge. While they will try their best to assist you, they offer no guarantees on the effectiveness of their advice.
  1. RCs are entitled to decline assistance and are not obliged to reassemble dismantled items.
  1. While common consumables and tools are made available for use free-of-charge, participants may have to provide specific spare parts themselves to complete the repair.
  1. Visitors to Repair Kopitiam are solely responsible for the tidy removal of broken items that could not be repaired. Participants are not allowed to leave their items behind.
  1. Photographs taken in this event whether individually or in a group will be used to solely promote and publicise Repair Kopitiam initiatives.