For Volunteers

Repairing looks fun, how can i volunteer to be a Repair Coach too?
You can fill in your details in our online sign-up form!

I have no experience in repairing, is that ok?
Yeah we are totally cool with that! We have Repair Coach Training where we will train you to be a Repair Coach like ourselves! Our Repair Coaches are well equipped with knowledge in electrical repair, fabric repair and home improvement/mechanical repair and they are happy to guide you along!

I used to be a repairman myself, how can i be a part of this repair community?
You are always welcome to come for our training, or if you would like to lead a repair training session that will be awesome too! Do talk to us!

When and where is your Repair Coach Training?
Our training are every Sunday morning (9am – 1pm)
More details can be found in our sign up form.

What should i bring to Repair Coach Training?
Bring pizza. HAHAHAHA.. Just kidding.
Bring an open mind to learn new repair skills, wear covered shoes, make new friends, share your experiences!