July 5, 2018


As A Repair Coach


Join us as a Repair Coach to help reduce waste and save our beloved home equipment!

RK Repair Coach Training is a structured & intensive 10-Sunday program spread over 3 months that teaches you the basic of repairing simple household appliance. We train a new batch of Repair Coaches every three months, so follow our Repair Kopitiam FB Page to get the latest updates!

You need :
– No prior experience (although, of course some experience would be great)
– 7  Sundays training, 9am – 12pm + 3 RK sessions
– To volunteer with RK at least twice
– A willingness to learn & serve!

Sign up at Tampines RK
Sign up at Jurong RK

Start one near you!

Do you strongly believe in the values of RK?
Find our RK branches a little too far for you?
Think that your local community can really benefit from RK’s repair services?
Or are you already your neighbour’s local handyman?

Consider starting a Repair Kopitiam in your neighbourhood if you have already undergone our RK training! Contact us for more details.

Hear the experience of one of our repair coach!

Repair Coach Agatha

What is interesting is that I began to notice that people repair in different ways. I may do a stitch to hem a certain way, and another person may do it differently. This exchange of knowledge is certainly one of the reasons why I keep coming down.”

Oh, the joy of learning within a community! Check out our Repair Stories page for more.