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Nothing- Yes! Nothing- is ever truly thrown away.

Our waste, when thrown away, cumulates in  landfills which have been proven to be extremely hazardous to us and worse, to the only home we have- Earth. So while it may be out of our sight, it should not be out of our minds.

This is why we have eRevival Square, a scaled-up project based on our pre-existing community initiative, Repair Kopitiam Singapore (RKS).

The main objectives being- to build and reinforce a repair mindset, raise awareness about sustainability, cultivate conscious consumption and to celebrate the coming together of all the sectors in society to manage e-waste, a rampant problem in today’s world.

NEA Introduces a Regulated E-Waste Management System

NEA launched the national e-waste management system based on the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) approach on 1 Jul 2021, where producers are responsible for managing the end-of-life disposal of regulated electrical and electronic products that they supply to the Singapore market. NEA has also licensed ALBA E-Waste Smart Recycling to operate the Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) to perform the collection and proper treatment of regulated e-waste on behalf of Producers.

ALBA E-Waste Smart Recycling is establishing multiple collection avenues such as e-bins and collection drives for the public to recycle their regulated e-waste comprising ICT equipment, large appliances, light bulbs and tubes and batteries.

Learn more at NEA’s website

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Launch of eRevival Square

Collective action is crucial. The complexities of e-waste management can only be solved via a multi-pronged approach, involving government, businesses and members of the public.

That’s why tech industry association SGTech, social enterprise Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) and Facebook are joining together to launch eRevival Square, an initiative to raise community awareness to address the growing e-waste problem in Singapore.

eRevival Square marks the first step of a long-term collaboration amongst various cross-industry stakeholders, including the government.

Comprising virtual and community activities, the programme aims to drive awareness of sustainability in Singapore.

Activities in store

eRevival Square activities will span from July to December 2021, based on the concept of “revival”, i.e., extending the life of electronic products instead of throwing them away or recycling them.

It kicks off with a pledge by companies and individuals to combat e-waste, and includes many exciting activities such as live-streamed repair demonstrations and an #E-WASTENOMORE challenge (with cash prizes!) to upcycle or repair e-waste.

There will be a reward system for participants joining any repair, recovery, dismantling and E-Waste collection activities. Look out for it!

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