June 2, 2019

For Organisers

For Organisations/Groups/Individuals who want to host Repair Kopitiam

I would like to start a Repair Kopitiam in my neighbourhood. How do I go about it?

The Repair Kopitiam helps local groups set up their own Repair Kopitiam. Simply ask for support. Do it as soon as you come up with the idea to start your own Repair Kopitiam! This prevents overlaps and makes it possible for us to, for example, put you in touch with other people in your neighbourhood who are interested in starting a Repair Kopitiam.

I want to join the Repair Kopitiam Movement and I already organise repair gatherings where I live. Can I post information about them on your website?

If you already have a group of enthusiasts, we would like to know more about your activities and how you go about your order of repair. To get yourself included as a part of the Repair Kopitiam movement, you will need to go through a series of lessons and purchase our Repair Kopitiam tool and equipment sets. With these knowledge and materials, you will be well equipped and we will be happy to mention your Repair Kopitiam on our website.

I organise a repair event under a different name than Repair Kopitiam. Can I announce this on your website?

Repairing, of course, is always a good thing no matter what name you use for that event. However, the Repair Kopitiam website is solely used to announce events with the name Repair Kopitiam. That way we avoid confusion and make sure the concept is clear.

We do heartily invite you to join our movement. To do so, you will need to go through the proper training and buy the same set of tools to offer the same minimum repair services as the rest of Repair Kopitiam. So get in touch with us to start your own Repair Kopitiam in our location.

Once you start organising your repair event with the name Repair Kopitiam, we will gladly announce your event on our website.

I agreed to the condition to always use the Repair Kopitiam logo, but I don’t find your logo very attractive and would rather design my own. Am I allowed to do that?

I’m sure you can do better designing the logo for us. However, we regret to inform you that despite not liking our logo, for the sake of recognition and to boost the cohesive community of Repair Kopitiam, you will have to stick to using our logo.