July 5, 2018


As A Repair Coach


Join us as a Repair Coach to help reduce waste and save our beloved home equipment!

RK Repair Coach Training is a structured & intensive 10-Sunday program spread over 3 months that teaches you the basic of repairing simple household appliances, toys, fabrics, etc. We train a new batch of Repair Coaches every three months, so follow our Repair Kopitiam FB Page to get the latest updates!

You need :
– No prior experience (though some repair experience would be great)
– 7 Sundays training, 9am – 12pm + 3 Sunday RK sessions, 9am – 4pm
– A willingness to learn & serve!

Season 3: 12 Jul – 26 Sep 2020  (Fully signed up)

Please be informed that this season has been postponed till 16 August. The likely new schedule (out 8 August 2020) will run from 16 August through to November.

Season 4: Postponed to 2021 (Fully signed up)

Sign up at RK Jurong | Sign up at RK Tampines | Sign up at RK Ang Mo Kio

Help Us Start one near you!

We are always on a look out for sponsors and venue partners who are willing to do their part to spread Repair Kopitiam. Our dedicated coaches and team of administrators will help you seed your location with knowledge and volunteers, and guide you to effectively run this fruitful initiative.

Do you strongly believe in helping your residents save their beloved barang?
Do you want to build a repair culture locally?
Find our current locations are not convenient for you and your residents?
Do you want to be part of Singapore’s sustainability blueprint and build a better future for our next generations?
Do you believe that bringing the community together brings back the spirit of cohesion?

Or are you already your neighbour’s local handyman?

Consider starting a Repair Kopitiam in your neighbourhood? Details Here

Dedication to Our Beloved Coaches

Repair Kopitiam with Farah Sanwari

Geneco x Repair Kopitiam

Our Grandfather Story

Tech360 Report

Oh, the joy of learning within a community! Check out our Repair Stories page for more.