January 11, 2015

About Repair Kopitiam


The Buy-and-Throw-Away culture is prevalent in our society. For a wobble of a chair, or a tear on our jeans, we tend to simply discard them away. While it is easy to discard or perhaps recycle, we can still salvage the product by repairing it. In engaging in repair, not only is one able to hone his technical skills, he or she will find the value in objects as wells as learn valuable lessons in the process of repairing such as perseverance, discipline and patience.

Repair Kopitiam runs as a community repair meet-up. People join us at a designated space to repair simple items such as broken electrical appliances, torn clothes, wobbly chairs and even engage in responsible e-waste disposal together, guided by volunteer Repair Coaches.

Repair Kopitiam also brings the repair culture to your community through various means, courses and activities. Contact us for more!

This project is powered by Sustainable Living Lab, and is part of the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015.


2019 – PM Lee mentioned Repair Kopitiam, during his National Day Rally, as a contributor to reducing e-waste. Our target is indeed reducing e-waste by tackling the problem the repair cultural way. Spreading the joy of repair and extending the life of your beloved items, Repair Kopitiam hopes to nurture the value of prudence back to our society. Lets give our faulty items a chance to serve us a few more good years instead of mindlessly throwing them away

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