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Handyman: Electrical Appliance Repairs (EAR)

In this 7-hour course, participants will gain a basic understanding of how appliances work and be able to identify electrical risks. They will also learn how to diagnose and make any necessary electrical repairs connected to that appliance. Gaining these practical technical skills will allow participants to stay relevant in present-day society where electronics consumption and occurrences of breakdown are only going to increase. Participants will also be able to serve the community and might potentially be able to find employment with these skills

Handyman: Home Electrical Repairs (HER)

In this 7-hour course, participants will learn how to replace lighting systems like conversion of regular lamps to LED lights. Participants will also learn to replace wall electrical outlets, run cabling, lamp fixtures, light switches. With these skills, participants can tackle most common home electrical repairs.

Handyman: Basic Electronic Repair (BER) NEW!

In this 7-hour course, participants will learn how to identify electronic components, test their integrity, purchase these components and replace them. This is the basic course into the workings of various types of electronic components used in various electronics found in household appliances and devices. This course prepares the participant to pick up more focused repairs for future higher-level courses.

Handyman: Home Repair & Maintenance (HRM)

In this 7-hour course, participants will experience the use of power drills in home repairs of different materials. They will learn how to drill through wood tiles, metal, plastic and concrete. They will get to install fixtures and screws with wall plugs, replace tiles and patch concrete holes. Participants will also learn how to change various types of locks, install and adjust cabinet hinges. Learning these skills allow you to make simple repairs at home without waiting for and having to pay servicemen.

Handyman: Plumbing, Drywall & Adhesives (PDA)

In this 7-hour course, participants will learn to tackle various plumbing problems like changing and maintaining faucets, clearing drainage chokes, installing faucet attachments, plastic pipe installations, toilet flush systems etc. Participants will learn to install fixtures in dry walls and learn the applications of adhesives. Learning these skills, participants will be able to tackle common plumbing challenges, install dry wall structures and fix things with adhesives.

Handyman: Furniture & Fabric Fixes (FFF)

In this 7-hour course, participants will learn to fix common problems with their furniture and fabric. This course teaches basic quality fixes for strengthening unstable furniture, replacing knobs and handles, installing new cabinet and drawer locks, fixing and adjusting hinges, refurbishing furniture surfaces, etc.

自助爱好者: 家用电器维修 EARM


自助爱好者: 房屋维修和保养 HRMM


Handyman: Digital Readiness & Production DRP

In this 3-session course, participants will acquire the knowledge to use digital platforms to learn and communicate ideas, and be exposed to basic digital design skills in 3D design. Participants will find out how to use available free design tools to create useful products like gears, enclosures, simple gadgets, etc, and to fabricate what they have designed with a laser cutter and 3D printers.


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