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Does Repair Kopitiam repair all items?
We will repair everything that DOES NOT fall in the 4 categories listed:
  1. Items with repair available in businesses
    some e.g. ICT - handphones, laptops, computers, printers, scanners, tablets, etc / Bicycles / Attire Alterations
  2. Dangerous Item (As a participant, you are involved in the repair)
    some e.g. - microwave ovens, large battery devices, industrial & commercial 3-phase equipment, electrical circuits that handles liquids or water (like boilers, water heaters), etc
  3. Contraband Items
    some e.g. - High power laser pointers, e-cigarettes, etc
  4. Licensed Repairs
    some e.g. - e-Bikes, PMDs,
NOTE: examples are not exhaustive of the category that we might cover

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