In a place where burdens are shared and benefits are enjoyed together.

1 April 2022, Repair Kopitiam Singapore (RKS) was granted funds from SG Eco Fund to build a resilient repair community at the Lor Lew Lian Cluster of apartment blocks. 

The beginning of Repair Kampung Singapore

During the start of the pandemic, most were caught unaware and unprepared. Repair Kopitiam Singapore (RKS) was not spared and faced a myriad of challenges. Although the difficulties were paramount but RKS communities were also needed more than ever. 


The hard truth was that pandemic or not, sustainability was not something that will fix itself. More waste streams were generated, more demand for survival means more ignorance to sustainability, many faced life challenges during the heart of the pandemic.


At Repair Kopitiam Singapore (RKS), we introduced the time slot booking and redesigned our training programs to fit the demands of today. We expanded from 3 locations in end 2019 to 6 locations by end 2022. We knew it was not a complete fix but it got things going with smaller classes and being able to take half the visiting crowd whilst spending lots of money on health and safety protocols.


The idea (supported by SG Eco Fund) was to understand the challenges in a small residential cluster and build a RKS repair community within. RKgS is RKS with added capabilities in home safety, neighbourhood handyman services, regular DIY Classes and sustainable workshops, and many more group community resilience activities to help bring back the kampung spirit stronger than ever. RKgS will become the new blueprint of a sustainable community in Singapore.


Join Our Activities

DIY Bite-Size Course

Course Fee: FREE

This course is to introduce residents to simple DIY skills that will help them repair their own things at home, and save them time and money.

Next Class: 21 October 2022, Fri 6:30pm
Another: 9 November 2022, Wed 6:30pm

15 October RKS Event

Participation Fee: FREE

Bring your items needing repair to us and we will teach you how to fix them.

Event Date: 15 October 2022, Sat
Time: 10am to 3pm

Electrical Appliance
Repair Course (7 Hours)

Date: 8 October 2022, Saturday

Time: 10am – 5pm
Course Fee:
For Residents of Blk 1-8 Lorong Lew Lian
50 and above – FREE
49 and younger – $152 (SkillsFuture)

inclusive of return transport leaving at 8.30am from Blk 6 Lor Lew Lian.

After the course, you will have a better understanding of how appliances work. You will be able to diagnose basic issues and start your repair journey.

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Want to partner with us?

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