How does Repair Kopitiam work ?

Step 1

Repair Kopitiam’s are typically at public venues such as void decks and community centres. Find out which Repair Koptiam is nearest to you and save the date!

Step 2

What can you bring to a Repair Kopitiam? Well, you can bring electrical appliances, clothes that need mending, or broken household items that could use a new lease of life.

Step 3

Speak to the Repair Coaches who will assess the condition of your item. If it’s within their repair capability, they will direct you to the appropriate station after making sure you have read and signed off on the Repair Kopitiam house rules.

Step 4

You will be guided by our Repair Coaches to first diagnose the fault with the item, explore methods of rectification and then start repairing it. While our Repair Coaches have undergone some training before each session, it is quite possible that the repair job may not work out due unavailability of certain tools or spare parts.

Step 5

If your item has been successfully repaired, bravo! If it is not possible to be repaired, do remember that you still have to bring it back and cannot leave it behind.

Step 6

Why not hang back and help others with getting their stuff repaired? You can share your new-found repair skills or just simply chat with other members of the community over a cup of Kopi!

What can you repair at Repair Kopitiam ?

Electrical Appliances

Is your toaster always tripping? Or is your kettle wire exposed? Or is your standing fan busted? At this station you can learn how to identify electrical faults, splice wires and re-solder broken connections.

Fabric Repair

Have holes in your socks? Or have the buttons from your favourite shirt come loose? Perhaps the hem of your skirt has started to fray? Bring in articles of clothing or even fabric material to mend or re-purpose into something useful!

Home Improvement

Do you have a stool that is wonky? Or perhaps a broken ceramic fridge magnet? Everyone has odds and ends around the house that could use a glue job or some simple fixes to make it more stable.

Responsible Disposal

Did you know that broken electrical appliances such as printers have numerous parts that can be given a second life? Break down your electrical appliances that can no longer be repaired and dispose electronic waste responsibly at this station!

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Last week, our Repair Coaches went to Hougang Thk Nursing Home to fix the wheelchairs! We dived right in, replacing missing armrests, fixing the brakes, and removing the rust so that these wheelchairs can be used again. 🙂 ...

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